[MPlayer-users] mencoder/vobsubout => garbage in subtitles fi le

ROED,HAAVARD (HP-Norway,ex1) haavard.roed at hp.com
Mon Jul 28 15:45:59 CEST 2003

> From: Hans Meine [mailto:hans_meine at gmx.net]
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read 
> DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Hi Havaard,
> I believe you got Rich's suggestions wrong.
> On Monday 28 July 2003 13:37, ROED,HAAVARD (HP-Norway,ex1) wrote:
> > > The best way is to throw away the hideously ugly 2bpp 
> bitmapped subs
> > > and get text subs. You can either use OCR to convert them 
> to text (see
> > > subrip in the TOOLS directory, but it's a bit difficult to use, or
> >
> > If there's a tool for doing this in the MPlayer package, 
> I'll figure it out
> > and post it here, if anyone's interested. Stopping with raw 
> bitmaps/IFO
> > doesn't strike me as a very good solution.
> We are talking about _OCR_ here. So there are problems with 
> accuracy, and it's 
> a tedious process AFAICT.
Being slow as usual, or maybe even slower this time, I may be mistaken, but
we're talking about converting the bitmaps/IFO which are extracted from the
DVD with -vobsubout etc to *text* with some kind of OCR tool? If not, then I
still don't understand... *pok* :( I never got around to putting the bitmaps
subs on-screen. I tried, but mplayer kept complaining they were not in a
recognizable format. Does mplayer take options for viewing bitmap subs, as
extracted with mencoder, using the proper IFO? Is this (original?) subtitle
format widely recognized by other players (ie filter plugins)?

> > > various windoze progs for the job), download them from an internet
> > > site with text subs (e.g. dvd.box.sk; search the archives 
> for other
> >
> > Why encode DVD's, when you can download them in any 
> encoding..... Leeching
> > always works, but nothing beats doin' it yourself. I didn't 
> even know that
> He is talking about the _subtitles_ only. (The textfiles.) 
> Even if there might 
> be errors in them, they are a good starting point for the 
> hand-tuning you 
> might have to do anyways.
I know, I was only using an example... Extracting the DVD movie, the DVD
audio and the DVD subtitle are fundamentally the same thing to me. But thats
just my view on the task at hand, where the method is just as important as
the result, if not more important. The dude that made the downloadable
subtitle -propably- also made a rip, which can be downloaded. Somewhere.
Somehow. I admit, I have downloaded subtitles, but thats due to the blatant
incompetence I'm demonstrating here, claiming the bitmap subtitles to be
garbage... thehehe

I ofcourse acknowledge the fact that OCR is a complicated image pattern
recognition challenge, and that most OCR systems are somewhat fragile.


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