[MPlayer-users] wich graphic card?

Olivier Warin wasto1234567 at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 18 22:05:06 CET 2003

firsat of all: sorry for writing something a little offtopic. and for the fact 
that it it isn't really something for such a mailinglist. 
i just want to be sure, because i had some big troubles with mi geforce2 

i want to buy a new graphic card. so i want to watch dvd's, divx etc. with 
mplayer. and everthing sould run with the no a-v sync problems. or something.
here is my system:
linux (kernel 2.4.19) on a
celeron 1.2 ghz cpu
512mb sd ram
16 bit onboard sound

so my idea is to buy cheap card without great 3d rendering features. because i 
don't need it.
but i want a card wich works great with mplayer ;)

i would have chosen this one:
Matrox G550 32MB DualHead AGP

is this card good for mplayer?
would you say, that this card is a good idea. or should i look for another 

thanks alot for a reply..

sorry again for this stupid question. i just want to be sure.

greatings, oli

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