[MPlayer-users] Bug.

James Jones jamesjones01 at mchsi.com
Mon Feb 3 17:43:09 CET 2003

Arpi wrote:
>>the lines with problems all read like this:
>>		#if HAVE_MP3LAME >= 392
>>and doing a grep I find that HAVE_MP3LAME is only defined but is not assigned 
>>any value. 
> strange, since it's defined in ./configure to set it to mp3lame version:
>   cat > $TMPC <<EOF
> #include <lame/lame.h>
> int main(void) { lame_version_t lv; (void) lame_init();
> get_lame_version_numericEOF
>   # Note: libmp3lame usually depends on vorbis
>   cc_check -lmp3lame $_ld_vorbis -lm && _mp3lame=yes
>   if test "$_mp3lame" = yes ; then
>     _def_mp3lame="#define HAVE_MP3LAME $TMPO"
>     _ld_mp3lame="-lmp3lame $_ld_vorbis"
>   else
>     _def_mp3lame='#undef HAVE_MP3LAME'
>   fi
> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

I have the same error message that Sr. Sanson had. Investigation shows 
that the test program that checks the version of lame compiles, but 
fails to run because it can't find libmp3lame at run time. Despite this, 
./configure seems to think that libmp3lame is present, as it emits

Checking for libmp3lame (for mencoder) ... yes

I'm puzzled about why I'd have /usr/local/include/lame/lame.h but not 
libmp3lame, but that is something I will have to figure out at my end.

I agree with Sr. Sanson also about mplayer's quality; thanks.

	James Jones

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