[MPlayer-users] Commercial detection (was: Re: Can mencoder write partial files w hile encoding?)

mslama at email.cz mslama at email.cz
Fri Aug 29 18:01:24 CEST 2003

Hi, again, and thanks to your kindness to get avidemux working.

Now I downloaded avidemux-2.0.14 as source, as your recommended, but it also
does not compile. I replaced the earlier logfiles with the new ones for your

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Fabio Papa wrote:
| Sometime it's easier and faster to use already-done work when developing new
| tools. And anyway, this doesn't apply to avidemux, since it needs only X11!

> Here again the links, now with the results of building avidemux 2.0.14:
> http://www.hantsch.co.at/_temp/config.log
> http://www.hantsch.co.at/_temp/make_all.log

> What I am wondering about is that no gtk+ is shown in the output of configure;
> I verifies with YAST, a lot of GTK things _are_ installed!

Sorry my knowledge of german is very poor. It seems to me you do not have gtk 2.0.

As you can see from my configure output I have gtk 2.0.6 (I do not know about necessary
dependencies for avidemux I simply ran configure and make and it worked so I did
not care about it.) (I also soon leave for home so I will not respond till Monday.)
Try to check requirements (web page of avidemux, INSTALL, ...)

checking cpu type ... i686
Machine vendor : pc
cpu done
 GTK+ version        : 2.0.6
 Divx5.0.5 ?         : no
 *** DISABLED ***
 Xvid  Codec         : yes
 Mjpeg               : no
 Mpeg                : yes
 Mad decoder         : yes
 OSS                 : yes
 ALSA                : yes
 Xvideo              : yes
 Lame                : yes
 Ogg Vorbis          : yes
 A52/AC3             : no
 FFMPEG              : yes
 ARTS                : yes
 FreeType            : yes
 XML2                : yes
 Toolame             : no
 Lame                : /usr/local/bin/lame
 locale              : ${prefix}/share/locale
 Little endian cpu   : yes

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