[MPlayer-users] Re: Render subtitles into PNG images?

Oliver Fromme olli at secnetix.de
Sat Aug 16 21:41:29 CEST 2003

Hi again,

It's somewhat embarrassing to reply to myself like this,
but I finally found out how to do it.  So in case that
someone else is having the same problem ...

Oliver Fromme <olli at secnetix.de> wrote:
 > mplayer -vop pp=0x20000 -noaspect -sid 0 -vo png -ao null -nosound stream.dump
 > The images come out right, but they do not contain
 > the subtitles.  :-(

Adding ``-vop expand=720:576:0:0:1'' did the trick.
Now the subtitles are rendered into the images.
(Actually, 720x576 is the original size of the video,
so no expansion takes place.  The important thing is
the last ``1'' which enables subtitles.)

 > When I replace ``-vo png'' with ``-vo x11'', the
 > subtitles are displayed perfectly fine.

Seems like the default for the subtitles is to be
disabled for -vo {png,jpeg}, and enabled for everything
else.  That's a bit counter-intuitive.  I mean, when
I use the -sid option, it's pretty much clear that I
_do_ want the damn subtitles.  :-)

Anyway, thanks for listening, sorry for the noise,
problem solved.  :)


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