[MPlayer-users] how to rescale dvd correctly

Kim Minh Kaplan kmkaplan at selfoffice.com
Wed Sep 4 22:38:01 CEST 2002

"Georgi Hristov" <georgi at eontechnologies.bg> writes:

> mplayer  -noaspect  -vop scale=704:296,crop=704:432:10:72  file.vob
> problem is these options produce different result with mencoder.

You mean that: mencoder -vop scale=704:296,crop=704:432:10:72 file.vob
doesn't produce a 704x296 movie?  That sounds crazy.

> the idea is to first cut the black bars, then scale vertically to
> 296, while the width stays the same (704). with what you suggested :
> mencoder file.vob -vop scale=-1:-2 -sws 2
> the black bars stay

Of course you still have to crop your movie with crop=...  This was
just meant to show the easy -vop scale parameters for mencoder.

Kim Minh.

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