[MPlayer-users] Which vo driver to use and which options

Stephan Haller newhallibaby at gmx.de
Wed Sep 4 19:00:02 CEST 2002

Hey out there,

I have big problems in watching videos. Using the sdl:x11driver cause me
to watch video in red colours. No green. No blue. Only red! But I can
watch in fullscreen and will not be disturbed by DPMS or the
xscreensaver. Trying to fin-tune the driver with any -vop pp option
causes mplayer and X to freeze.

So I'm using currently the gl2 driver. Fullscreen is disturbed by
Gnome2's panels by therefore I see the right colours. Also I have to
pressed any key every 10 minutes to prevent DPMS to switch off my

I have a Apple Mac G4/466 with ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics board. DRI (or
DRM - I don't know) seems to be enabled. 256MB RAM (mplayer was told to
use 32MB cache) and SCSI are also here. So does anybody know what to do
the get the right wathcing experience? Please do not refer to the xv or
sdl:xv driver. It freezes the system immediately regardless of any

Thanks for any help
Stephan Haller

P.S: Please don't blame me but xine seems to have the same problem but
freezes everytime (think of xv driver). So I think I need a resolution
without using xv.

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