[MPlayer-users] Which vo driver to use and which options

Stefan Lange hoirkman at gmx.de
Wed Sep 4 19:16:02 CEST 2002

> I have a Apple Mac G4/466 with ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics board. DRI (or
> DRM - I don't know) seems to be enabled. 256MB RAM (mplayer was told to
> use 32MB cache) and SCSI are also here. So does anybody know what to do
> the get the right wathcing experience? Please do not refer to the xv or
> sdl:xv driver. It freezes the system immediately regardless of any
> fine-tuning.
Have you tried (x)vidix? should work on a rage 128

> Thanks for any help
> Stephan Haller
> P.S: Please don't blame me but xine seems to have the same problem but
> freezes everytime (think of xv driver). So I think I need a resolution
> without using xv.
maybe newer XF86-drivers can fix that, maybe from GATOS (just a wild 
guess, I'm not familiar with linux on non-i386-hardware)

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