[MPlayer-users] to kim minh (was how to rescale dvd correctly)

Georgi Hristov georgi at eontechnologies.bg
Wed Sep 4 16:32:01 CEST 2002

hi, thanx for your reply, but it did not help. both mplayer and mencoder do
not produce what i need using your advice. though i actually found how
mplayer can show it:

mplayer  -noaspect  -vop scale=704:296,crop=704:432:10:72  file.vob

problem is these options produce different result with mencoder. the idea is
to first cut the black bars, then scale vertically to 296, while the width
stays the same (704). with what you suggested :
mencoder file.vob -vop scale=-1:-2 -sws 2
the black bars stay, and with various other combinations i can either remove
them, but not have it scaled properly after that, or have it scaled
properly, but with bars. the closest thing i got was no bars, but the scale
makes both vert & horiz size smaller, thus preserving the wrong aspect
ratio, while i only want to make it smaller vertically.

i would really appreciate it if you tell me what mencoder command would make
the result of the above mplayer command. i only have problem with
rescaling/croping, divx & sound codec params are fine.

thanks, georgi

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