[MPlayer-users] encoding to VCD

Gerhard den Hollander gerhard at jason.nl
Wed Sep 4 15:57:02 CEST 2002

Im experimenting with using mplayer / mencoder to convert video files (any
format) into VCDs
[mainly because I just got a DVD player (the hardware box you hook up to a
TV set) that can also play VCD/SVCDs.

I've had mixed success with the mencvcd script that's part of the Mplayer
distribution, and I've played with the rip2mpg script (attached) which I
picked up fromt he net somewhere.
[rip2mpg just as mencvcd uses the -vo yuv2mpeg option to mplayer]

My current approach is:
foreach file (....)
    rip2mpg $file
    mv video-*.mpg converted.$file.mpg
vcdimager converted*mpg
cdrdao write [options] videocd.cue

Which sorta works for me.

What are you doing to convert your files to VCD ?

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