[MPlayer-users] working while dumping

Zdik Kudrle xkudrle at informatics.muni.cz
Wed Sep 4 16:38:02 CEST 2002

> Hehe... If I could get a cheap old scsi burner I'd stick it in my linux 
> routerbox, an Am5x86 at 100mhz with integrated scsi :-)
> I bet it would work much better than my current burner on IDE setup :-)


AFAIK during burning CDs my system is not on heavy load, but still 5% is
'wasted' (p3c/733 0.5G RAM 4 speed burn). Definitely the problem is not
in IDE bus. (4 speed is just 700kB/s - ATA33 is 132MB/s (33Mhz * 32 bit)) 
I use hdparm to make fastest preformance, don't bother.
I don't want to make strange theories, but it seems to me, that cdrecord

* tries to make some sort of RT processin
* CPU is munching too much interrupt calls
* DMA vs. PIO stuff
* I don't know :-)

Maybe ask guys from cdrecord/cdrdao project?

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