[MPlayer-users] Possible bug when playing specific .rm file

Morten Volden mvolden at tdcadsl.dk
Tue Sep 3 21:27:01 CEST 2002


I sent a message 08/28/2002 reporting a possible bug when playing a 
specific .rm file with the GUI enabled and then pressing the 'stop' button.

Today I tried to download the newest CVS version of ffmpeg and compile 
this into mplayer to see whether the problem had been solved. Now it 
seems that mplayer crashes (with or without the GUI) when trying to play 
a specific .rm file. (My other .rm files works fine)

The file should already have been uploaded to the incoming directory and 
is called SP201_bad_smallfile.rm

My various specs should be in the old mail (Signal 11 in decode_video 
when playing .rm files), but if U want I can repost?


Morten Volden

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