[MPlayer-users] mencoder acts weird imho :/

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed Mar 27 23:24:01 CET 2002


> I'm trying to use mencoder to create a DivX from one of my DVD's, but it
> acts a bit weird. I wonder what I have overlooked...
> This is what happens with the 2pass method:
> | $ rm frameno.avi ; mencoder -dvd 2 -divx4opts br=1100 -o movie.avi -pass 1
> So I try this, and mencoder tells me '-divx4opts' is not a correct
> commandline option. After playing around with it I ended up with this

then you have mencoder compiled without divx4 support (check configure.log)

> commandline:
> | $ rm frameno.avi ; mencoder -dvd 2 --divx4opts=br=110 -o movie.avi -pass 1

its bad. it thinks that --divx4opts is a second filename, as no such option

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