[MPlayer-users] mencoder acts weird imho :/

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Wed Mar 27 23:18:02 CET 2002


I'm trying to use mencoder to create a DivX from one of my DVD's, but it
acts a bit weird. I wonder what I have overlooked...

This is what happens with the 2pass method:

| $ rm frameno.avi ; mencoder -dvd 2 -divx4opts br=1100 -o movie.avi -pass 1

So I try this, and mencoder tells me '-divx4opts' is not a correct
commandline option. After playing around with it I ended up with this

| $ rm frameno.avi ; mencoder -dvd 2 --divx4opts=br=110 -o movie.avi -pass 1

It seems to do stuff:

| Pos: 1.6s  41f ( 0%)  13fps Trem:  0min  0mb  A-V:-0.080 [419430:1536]

But it's a bit too enthusiastic, because it slurps up all of my disk's
free space. mencoder shows:

| Pos: 694.1s 17349f (13%) 13fps Trem: 143min 13374mb A-V:0.046 [23325:1536]

So now I have a 5.8G big 'test.avi' file. Another weird thing, because 
i'm 100% sure I specified '-o movie.avi', not 'test.avi'. And now my 
diskspace is gone, and mencoder just seems to fly over the other frames, 
because it can't write data anymore...

So I cancelled this session and tried the 3pass method:

| $ rm frameno.avi ; mencoder -dvd 2 -ovc frameno -o frameno.avi

mencoder now creates some kind of index file for later referencing.
okay... A couple of these messages appeared:

| duplicate 1 frame(s)!!!
| skip frame!!!

How bad is that?   Anyways, this file 'frameno.avi' is now written and 
is sized 1073870604 bytes. (1.0G). Isn't that quite a lot? Also,
mencoder shows the recommended bitrates:

| Recommended video bitrate for 650MB CD: -563
| Recommended video bitrate for 700MB CD: -488
| Recommended video bitrate for 800MB CD: -337

Ah, negative bitrates? Oh well, we'll just try to go with a reasonable
bitrate of 1100:

| $ mencoder -dvd 2 -divx4opts br=1100 -oac copy -o movie.avi -pass 1
| ...
| Error: 'divx4opts' is not an mplayer option
| command line: -divx4opts
| Exiting... (error parsing cmdline)


| $ mencoder -dvd 2 --divx4opts br=1100 -oac copy -o movie.avi -pass 1

seems to work, though the file 'movie.avi' already exceeds 1G at 0% of
the DVD.

Okay, I guess you will have the basic idea now that something is fsck()'ed
on my system, but I can't find what :/

Please help :)


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