[MPlayer-users] invalid DVD chapter number: 0

nick ashkar at subdimension.com
Thu Mar 7 19:50:47 CET 2002


i'm posting this with much trepidition due to the responses i've seen on the website and in the documentation. please don't flame me, burn down my house, or crucify my cat. please?

on a couple of dvds i've received the error above when trying to play it. on the particular one i'm looking at right now, the dvd trys to play the first title and chapter and then stops. when i try to play any title after that i receive the above error. if i change the title before the first one stops, i can see the video playing, but if i go back to the first title, i get a garbled menu (the one traditionally seen at the beginning of each dvd where you pick language, special features, etc) and then xwindows locks up making me jump out to the console, kill mplayer, and return to xwindows where i can try again :).

in xterm i can see an error being repeated saying mplayer was not compiled with libcss which it wasn't. i compiled w/ libdvdcss 0.0.3 and libdvdread 0.9.2. i know i installed it correctly because i see the output saying getting key and such when i run.

any help with this is appreciated,


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