[MPlayer-users] mencoder: making a movie fit 700mb

techorix m_g_m at gmx.net
Thu Mar 7 21:48:01 CET 2002

On Thursday 07 March 2002 19:27, you wrote:
> techorix didn't RTFM :
> > repeated tries are not really acceptable)
> RTFineM about 3pass encoding
hi thx for the hint,
but i get "skip frame!!" while encoding.. is this really skipping a frame 
that wont appear in the encode? how can i preven this and just make it encode 
also the frameno.avi file (that just should contain the audio) is over 1gig 
large although the original one is just about 730mb... whats going on here?
This is what i did:
mencoder movie.avi -ovc frameno -o frameno.avi

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