[MPlayer-users] small mplayer bug in input.cfg?

domi dombal at freemail.hu
Thu Mar 7 20:30:01 CET 2002


I think that the input.cfg example file is buggy in etc/ dir:

f fullscreen

Should be f vo_fullscreen (i could make it work only this
way, or by commenting it out since vo_fullscreen is it's default :)

And somehow with the new version, pressing f unpauses the movie, i hope
this will be solved sometime as well.

+ audio_delay 0.100
- audio_delay -0.100

This should be changed, the buttons did the delay in reversed order
in earlier mplayers, with this config. I'm not sure, maybe it works now
the right way? At least it was strange for me, i got used to the old
version, and set it back for myself :)


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