[MPlayer-users] Re: mplayer performance

Sven Hartge hartge at ds9.argh.org
Fri Mar 1 20:23:02 CET 2002

"Brondo, Greg" <Greg.Brondo at allegiancetelecom.com> wrote:

> I have mplayer compiled and running under Debian Sid with Xfree 4.2.0
> on a Toshiba 4100xdvd laptop (Celeron 400) with a Trident Cyber 9525
> (4MB) video adapter.  When running Mplayer playing the DVD it
> complains the machine is too slow (using xv and oss). 

You don't use any sort of postprocessing other than -npp=lb? Do you have
an autoq=100 line in your .config?

Trying to supersample the near-to-perfect DVD-Stream is a task a bit too
heavy for your CPU.

Oh, and which libdvdcss version are you using?


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