[MPlayer-users] playing rm files...

DEBERT Jean-Louis jl_debert at rsd-intl.com
Fri Jul 12 08:02:02 CEST 2002

Jean-louis DEBERT wrote:

> Greg Maculo wrote:
> >  Also, when playing rm files via my DXR3 card, it swaps the 
> >  green and red channels.. 
> I can confirm this (Linux Mandrake 8.2, gcc 3.1.1, last week's
> CVS snapshot).
> The same .rm file plays correctly (well, for about 1 minute)
> on the PC monitor (Matrox G400 DH, -vo xv or xmga).

Well, I'm sorry to have (maybe) confused the issues here:
I did remember the green and red channels being swapped,
but it was NOT on dxr3, it was with -vo vesa

In fact (with CVS 20020710) it's not even possible to play
rm files through the dxr3, mplayer complains that the -vo dxr3
is incompatible with the codec (rv30).

To summarize:
1. it's not possible to play rv30 files through the dxr3
    (don't know if it's possible to do anything about it)
2. rv30 files swap green and red with -vo vesa  (Matrox G400 DH)
   the same file plays ok with -vo mga (or svga, xv, xmga, x11, ...)
3. when the rv30 file plays ok, it's perfect for about 1 minute
   and then mplayer stops saying it has detected EOF
   (the file is more than 1 minute long, and the linux Real player
    plays it correctly up to the end).


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