[MPlayer-users] NVidia will be bannished

daniel carter hedonist at win.co.nz
Wed Jan 30 10:53:02 CET 2002

Alan Wilter Sousa da Silva wrote:

>         Hey, I'm not imposing exclusivity.  We try here to use the best
> available we can and money counts a lot and access to source code too.

You said, if you're using a closed-source driver then you shouldn't be using any
GNU software, but should go and run windows instead, that sounds like an
exclusive club to me.

Hell, only about 11% of your typical linux desktop comes from the FSF and with
that figure comes attached the statement "FSF's position in our charts stems
largely from the lack of credit given to individual programmers"

> > I may publish my software under the GPL, but nowhere in the license
> > does it say that I have to believe the rhetoric.
>         Which could be your reasons to publish your software under the
> GPL?  But I'd suggest you to believe in rhetoric.

I publish under the GPL because i like to share my work.  And if other people are
going to share their work, then i am happy for them to use my work as a building
block for theirs.

If they are not going to share, then i don't want them freeloading off my work.
Releasing my work as BSD and then seeing microsoft cut and paste it into a
product and then sell that product for huge sums without me getting any, and
without them sharing their code, that just doesn't seem right.


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