[MPlayer-users] NVidia will be bannished

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I'm dreaming of a world of freedom and democracy, too, where everyone can go and do what he wants, except he offends the same rights
of others.

But let's be realistic. No one does anything for nothing. Opensource only works for a big group with similar interests, but we need
the commercial way for the single, personal solutions. So we have to find a commercial-and-opensource-hand-in-hand solution.

Sure, the DCMA and the similar copyright acts coming to Europe Union in december offend democracy and violate mankind, as it is a
basic need of human existence to communicate and exchange knowledge. That extreme and successful evolution of mankind is based on a
extraordinary  well developed communication and the will to exchange knowlegde with others in order to work together for a common
goal. And that huge mass of copyright trials in the US now coming to us with the new copyright acts might be the end of IT
civilization, as evolution is stopped by the prohibition to communicate the copyright lobby forces us by law ( 'When do you develop
next step? ... Don't know, yet. We have about 30 trials to do before ...).

We have to find a way Opensource and industrials existing with each other. This can't be achieved with that overdrawn copyright
laws, which violate the rights of freedom to provide some single persons or groups with almighty rights.

I think the only solution is a policy, in which knowledge belonging to all is a common, basic right, but the authors and inventors
also have to be honored for their work! (ever heard the word of fairplay?)

Especially the multimedia lobbies have prevented to find such a way as they are to greedy to accept the market is changing.
They didn't realize that it is not the money motivating the user to copy, but their longing for almighty control of the users (never
heard of fairplay ...).

And now they have pushed that awful copyright laws!

And one of the reasons they made it is that the european people, especially the german, is like sheeps - A sheep that doesn't defend
will be sheared ...
They do not  realize it's the user (themself) with his buying habit who appoints the market ...

If we solve that problems, the nVidia problems solves itself!

I hope you MPlayer authors will be able to continue your great work after december, not spending your life in court houses because
of copyright trials.

But now back from offtopic to the project ...


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> Hi People!
> First, thank you all very much for your attention.  So as I said:
> "It's just a commentary ..."
> I beg your pardon if I offend someone, but I can share toughly the
> answers in two group: who makes programmes (specially open source), and
> who merely uses them.
> I'm in the second since the programme I help to develop is only
> for scientific applications (but it's GPL!).
> Perhaps I've been a little bit thoughtless about nVidia.  They
> have the best ever made graphic-card and now they're releasing nVidia
> chipset, however, should I have to wait for their only (good?) closed
> solution?  No way!!!
> To save words, I haven't been specific in some points.  I mean, if
> you satisfied with good closed-driver (or software solution) why do you
> use GNU/Linux (most much better solution for a lot of applications).  Use
> Win2k so! (I use it, and we have PPC - Apple and IBM - here in our Lab
> too, also SGI).
> GNU/Linux main objective is fully described at www.gun.org, don't
> try to figure out.  If you are a GPL developer you have you own reasons,
> but, remember, you accept the GPL terms ...
> What I see in the near future for the closed-software (and
> hardware too) is what happen to Apple: wonderful hardware/software, but
> expensive and a very low percentage of users.  That's what I see to
> Winblows and to any closed-hardware solution, and that's what I mean about
> "will be banished".  If nVidia has patent issues? well, it's their
> problem, and probably will affect us someday, and I wouldn't be an hostage
> of them more than necessary (since I bought a nVidia card).
> I'm not promoting nVidia banishment at all.  Simply I won't buy
> nVidia cards for my future Linux box anylonger.  Maybe for Apple or
> Winblows box.  I have just one Linux box (the last one at least by now)
> running nVidia card and it rocks, but I feel like a sinner as I'll explain
> later.
> I'll accept the suggestion to write straightforward to nVidia, but
> I think I got my point when I heard many complains about nVidia cards for
> GNU/Linux programmers (viz. mplayer developers guys).
> What I don't like is seeing people that uses GNU/Linux and thinks
> that's fine to use proprietary solution together as long as no charge.
> Maybe it's a question of philosophy but if you use GNU/Linux only because
> it's free of charge so the minimum retribution you can give back is to be
> loyal to the idea of using only GPL programmes (at least try it, since I'm
> not a Saint as Saint IGNUcius :-).  If you don't try to follow the GNU
> philosophy you are, at least, giving support to ideas like of nVidia
> proprietary driver solution for Linux.
> Perhaps I am just a dreamer, a fool, since everyone here is free
> to decide whatever to do with GPL programmes (expect what is specified by
> the "copyleft"), but I'm feeling well saying what I say.
> Maybe I'm not so fool believing that nVidia won't last forever but
> GNU philosophy will.
> Sincerely,
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