[MPlayer-users] Re: how do I get deinterlace with encoding and ProgStream to work? - whishlist

Jan Brand jan.brand at tu-clausthal.de
Sat Jan 26 19:53:02 CET 2002

Jan Brand wrote:

> before the videostream gets to the encoder I need the following in 
> this order:
> * deinterlace

okay, rtfm ;-) ... now I use the following options
-npp  hb,vb,h1,v1,lb,dr

> * resize, because dvb-stream is often broadcasted in 480x576 resolution 

resize to 768x576 works (bilinear) but downsizing to
480x360 generates output like this:

SwScaler: BILINEAR scaler with YV12 output using MMX2
@@@ libmpeg2 returned from sig11... (bad file?) @@@

> * cropping the black borders
> * another resize to a standard resolution to encode for example (s)vcd

still no clue ..

And another one: Athlon XP is detected with support for SSE, but 
mplayer/mencoder disables it because of no OS support - I run Kernel 
2.4.17 ... ???


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