[MPlayer-users] Sound and screensaver problems

Attila Kinali kinali at gmx.net
Sun Jan 13 19:24:09 CET 2002

On 13 Jan 2002 09:31:15 -0800
Scott Russ <thyrinn at attbi.com> wrote:

> #1.  If I use OSS for my audio anything I play takes several minutes to
> start playing.  I have made sure that there is nothing else playing or
> accessing /dev/dsp.  If I switch to -ao sdl it works and starts right
> away except I have a slight audio/video sync issue.

run "strace mplayer <your options>" and look where it waits

> #2.  It looks like if I use SDL, X11, or XV for my video out they are
> supposed to temp disable the screensaver and DPMS.  Is this working
> right now?  If I use the -v option I get messages about disabling the
> screensaver however 5min later my screensaver pops on.  Does this only
> work with Xscreensaver?  Are there any plans to get it working with the
> way KDE does its screensaver?

Dunno, dont run KDE. bud afaik xdpms was something handled by the
X server. Try to ask KDE developers

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