[MPlayer-users] splitting an avi

Silviu D Minut minutsil at cse.msu.edu
Sun Jan 13 18:58:01 CET 2002

I assume this question has been asked before, and I apologize for asking
again, but I've only been on this list for a couple of days and I haven't
seen this question in the FAQ either.

I encoded something and the output was file.avi of 900M. Is it possible to
split it (e.g. using the split command) in 600+300 and put each piece on a
separate cd? I assume the second part would need some kind of header. Is
this possible to do? What exactly is the procedure? Would this have
anything to do with the INDEX described in the -idx and -forceidx in the
man page? For non-experts, what's the INDEX?


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