[MPlayer-users] Sorry

Konstantin Isakov ikm at pisem.net
Tue Jan 1 17:39:51 CET 2002

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 03:17:32PM +0200, Hetz Ben Hamo wrote:

> Well, it is possible I guess..
> But (me) as a slashdot author, I know for example that if I post a wrong 
> story, or with some mistakes in it - I can only add "update" to the end of 
> the story with the relevant info.
> I guess Joe can publish another story with some corrections or appology..

Would be great! It is all about one thing, really: we all need a proof that
1) that was Joe Barr really (I really doubt that);
2) he really feels sorry and is willing to help fixing mplayer's reputation.

Without something significant we just may not consider it more than a stupid
joke. Moreover, it could be dangerous! For instance, I do not think that
it was wise for Gabuchino to put that letter on the front of the mplayer
homepage; it could really damage mplayer reputation further :(

p.s. Linux journalist not knowing how to create a directory? That sounds
ludicrous to say at least, doesn't it?


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