[MPlayer-users] using VESA and radeon image is purple where black should be

Brian J. Murrell e565d21f0a00e1223c6e62c6bad12690 at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Jan 16 00:57:02 CET 2002

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 12:38:30PM +1300, dan carter wrote:
> NVIDIA poached a whole bunch of SGI engineers, SGI were going to take
> them to court, but then they settled on a joint venture type deal where
> NVIDIA make the graphics chips for new SGI systems.  And new SGI systems
> happen to run linux....

Well, that seems like a pretty sure bet for nvidia on Linux... as long
as SGI exists.  :-)


Brian J. Murrell

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