[MPlayer-users] Best fullscreen tv-out solution for MPlayer?

Anssi Kanninen anssi at iki.fi
Wed Oct 10 11:41:02 CEST 2001


I'm using MPlayer with Matrox G400 TV-out. I configure the TV-out support
to XF86Config but not Xinerama. Then I set DISPLAY to be :0.1 and start
"mplayer -vo sdl -fs". That's it. Video runs on my TV. Not fully
accelerated but at least with Athlon 650 it works quite well. I'm not sure
if I can use X same time on the monitor though.

	Anssi Kanninen

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Brian J. Murrell wrote:

> I want to be able to use MPlayer to display full-screen, full-rate
> video on my TV.  What is the best combination of hardware/software to
> do this?
> I have a G400 currently but it seems to really suck in the department
> of where they put the TV-OUT functionality and the accelleration -
> i.e. on different heads.
> I know there is a hack using the matrox framebuffer to get it to work
> but the hack is ugly and seems to require that the user be on the
> (matrox) framebuffer console to type commands (if there is any way to
> drive the magic completely from a script, I am all ears).
> This solution will not work in my scenario because if I throw my G400
> completely into doing TV-out (which I am prepared to do to get
> full-screen tv-out working), I will install a second (PCI) video card
> that acts as my console/X window display device.  I must continue to
> be able to use X full time on the same machine that I do tv-out with.
> I am also prepared to buy a completely different video card for tv-out
> if there is a better solution than the G400 for what I want to do.
> Just to recap, I want my Linux box to be able to have an X display and
> be able to direct MPlayer display to a TV at the same time.
> All suggestions welcome.
> Thanx!
> b.


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