[MPlayer-users] MPlayer 0.50 on sparc solaris 8

Rojek, Tomasz Tomasz.Rojek at siemens.pl
Wed Oct 10 12:16:46 CEST 2001


I am complete newbie - maybe I will ask too simple question, but anyway... I
have problem with installing MPlayer on Sparc Solaris 2.8. As it is written
in documentation I have installed full mLib package from Sun, and then
Solaris 2.8 Sparc gcc-2.95.3-sol8-sparc-local.gz package from
www.sunfreeware.com. After al I tried to run configuration script - this is
the output:

bash-2.03# ./configure                       
You can get detailed help on configure with: ./configure --help
Please wait while ./configure discovers your software and hardware
Detected operating system: SunOS
Detected host architecture: sparc
Checking version of gcc ... ./configure: gcc: not found
v. ?.??, bad
Please downgrade(upgrade) gcc compiler to gcc-2.95.2+ or gcc-3.0+ version!

Note: gcc 2.96 is RedHat's UNOFFICIAL (it can be found only on RedHat sites,
in RedHat-based distributions) and BUGGY gcc release. gcc 2.96 is TOTALLY
unsupported by us, because it simply SKIPS or badly compiles some MMX codes!
Important: this is NOT an MPlayer-specific problem, numerous other projects
(DRI, avifile, etc..) have problems with this shit too. DO NOT USE gcc 2.96
If you don't want to downgrade, use the --disable-gcc-checking option to
this check, but DO NOT SEND BUGREPORTS OR COMPLAIN, it's *YOUR* fault!
Get ready for misterious crashes, no-picture bugs, strange noises... REALLY!

Where did I make a mistake? Pls. be understanding ;-) Greetings

Tomasz Rojek

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