[MPlayer-users] Best fullscreen tv-out solution for MPlayer?

Brian J. Murrell 36b673be284cb0ceca1eb3af39f47aa7 at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Oct 10 11:01:34 CEST 2001

I want to be able to use MPlayer to display full-screen, full-rate
video on my TV.  What is the best combination of hardware/software to
do this?

I have a G400 currently but it seems to really suck in the department
of where they put the TV-OUT functionality and the accelleration -
i.e. on different heads.

I know there is a hack using the matrox framebuffer to get it to work
but the hack is ugly and seems to require that the user be on the
(matrox) framebuffer console to type commands (if there is any way to
drive the magic completely from a script, I am all ears).

This solution will not work in my scenario because if I throw my G400
completely into doing TV-out (which I am prepared to do to get
full-screen tv-out working), I will install a second (PCI) video card
that acts as my console/X window display device.  I must continue to
be able to use X full time on the same machine that I do tv-out with.

I am also prepared to buy a completely different video card for tv-out
if there is a better solution than the G400 for what I want to do.

Just to recap, I want my Linux box to be able to have an X display and
be able to direct MPlayer display to a TV at the same time.

All suggestions welcome.



Brian J. Murrell

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