[Mplayer-users] recording tool?

Michael Hunold M.Hunold at t-online.de
Tue May 29 17:49:13 CEST 2001

Hello Arpi,

> > The problem is that at the moment AV sync is pretty inconsistent - caused
> > by dropped frames; so the resulting files are often badly out of sync if
> > you have the odd burst of other load taking the cpu.

The AV sync is pretty nonexisting. "ffmpeg" does not use
different threads to record audio and video, it simply waits
a fixed amount of time (regarding the frames per second
switch) and then captures the next image... 8-/

> unfortunatelly this project seems to be dead :(
> i send a mail to Gerard (author) 2 weeks ago, but no answer yet.
> even no new (pre)releases from march.

I have sent him some patches regarding V4L2 integration
into "ffmpeg", but I did not get an answer neither.

Some members of the Video4Linux mailinglist
(mainly Abraham vd Merwe <lists at 2d3d.co.za>)
have decided
to use "ffmpeg" do form a new project, which will be
hosted at Sourceforge. I will drop you a line when
I have further informations.

It will be called AVERIST (audio video encoded
realtime internet streaming technology).
The page (not the first version!) should be there in 
a few days.

> > > > too bad in performance, mp1e and fame looks dead, the only promising
> > > > application is NuppelVideo...
> > > hmm. i've never heard about that nuppel... thing.

Again: Bad AV sync, although better than "ffmpeg".

> Ehh. The it's usefull only for middle stage between capturing and final
> compression. Is it realtime?

Yeah, but it does
not use compression at all. It simply stores the YUV422
captured images to disk. That makes editing and recompression
very easy, but results in very big file sizes.


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