[Mplayer-users] recording tool?

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Tue May 29 22:22:31 CEST 2001

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Michael Hunold wrote:

> ------------------------------------------------------------
> "mp1e" is now a library and it's called "librte"
> (rte = real time encoding).
> It's now part of the GNOME tv-viewer called
> "zapping". Check out
> http://zapping.sourceforge.net
> You have to get the latest version from CVS
> and manually build the library -- it's not
> full integrated into "zapping" yet.
> Go to "/plugins/mpeg/mp1e/", type "./autogen.sh",
> "./configure" and "make" and you will have the
> latest version of "mp1e" again -- it's now a
> simple front end to the "librte".
> -------------------------------------------------------
> > Found mp1e version 1.8.1 - that doesn't support V4L any more.
> Latest version in CVS is 1.9pre1. It does not support
> V4L anymore -- and that's good. V4L does not provide
> timestamping of the captured images. Very bad if you
> want *exact* a/v sync.

I do have zapping checked out (its good stuff) - and did build the mp1e
that's in there.  But got stuck in that it doesn't support V4L.

> So, it's a good idea to switch over to V4L2. Hopefully
> it will be integrated into the 2.5.x kernel developer
> branch soon.
> The main hompage is
> http://www.the-dirks.org/v4l2
> A 'bttv' driver for V4L2 can be found at
> http://bttv-v4l2.sourceforge.net/
> > Steve
> I have written a V4L2 driver for my hardware by
> myself. If anyone is interested:
> http://www.mihu.de/linux/
> There are some explanations and program hints, too.

Thanks for the pointer!


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