[mplayer] Re: syncfb and Divx ;-)

Paul Holcomb mplayer at blue.cpoint.net
Wed Feb 21 17:50:48 CET 2001

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 05:25:29PM -0600, Arpi wrote:
> I'll merge syncfb and mga drivers, and add YUY2 support required for
> AVI/ASF playing. But now I have no time to do it :(
> >  flip-flopping between trying to get everything I want working with
> >  syncfb and trying to get X's fbdev driver to work on the TV
> >  framebuffer.
> As a 'workaround', use the 'old' mga_vid (-vo mga) driver instead of syncfb.
> It DOES support YUY2, thus avi playing.

 Ok great. I'll give that a try.

> >  Neither are working yet, and syncfb for MPEG looks very nice.
> TV-out is a bit tricky. You must compile all the matroxfb things
> to modules and next execute the modules.sh script from TV-out subdir.

 Actually, I meant that X wasn't working on the TV-out, the TV-out
 stuff that is provided with mplayer works great.  The only thing I
 changed to get it working was to use "matroxset 2" instead of 1,
 because I am using NTSC, and I modified one of the TV scripts to do

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