[mplayer] Re: syncfb and Divx ;-)

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Feb 22 00:25:29 CET 2001


> > (previous README contained this:
> > Supported output devices:
> > - mga
> > - xmga
> > - x11
> > - xv
> > - gl
> > - snycfb
> > ...
> > NOTE: only the first 5 are available for AVI files!)
> > 
> > So, as you can see, syncfb is the 6th :-(
Yes, it is true yet.

>  Thank you.  I swore that I had read that in the docs, but when I
>  couldn't find it, I figured I might have read something similar from
>  another program.
>  Has anyone looked into what adding it might take?  I keep
I'll merge syncfb and mga drivers, and add YUY2 support required for
AVI/ASF playing. But now I have no time to do it :(

>  flip-flopping between trying to get everything I want working with
>  syncfb and trying to get X's fbdev driver to work on the TV
>  framebuffer.
As a 'workaround', use the 'old' mga_vid (-vo mga) driver instead of syncfb.
It DOES support YUY2, thus avi playing.

>  Neither are working yet, and syncfb for MPEG looks very nice.
TV-out is a bit tricky. You must compile all the matroxfb things
to modules and next execute the modules.sh script from TV-out subdir.

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