[mplayer] Re: syncfb and Divx ;-)

Paul Holcomb mplayer at blue.cpoint.net
Thu Feb 22 05:36:20 CET 2001

> > >  flip-flopping between trying to get everything I want working with
> > >  syncfb and trying to get X's fbdev driver to work on the TV
> > >  framebuffer.
> > As a 'workaround', use the 'old' mga_vid (-vo mga) driver instead of syncfb.
> > It DOES support YUY2, thus avi playing.
>  Ok great. I'll give that a try.

 This didn't seem to quite work.  I tested with a Divx ;-) matrix
 trailer that I downloaded. The sound worked fine, but all I got was a
 white screen, scaling worked as well, but just gave me a bigger white

 I tried playing an MPEG2-PS file as I had under the syncfb output
 driver and it looked pretty much the same, except that it didn't seem
 quite as sharp.  However, the brightness was correct, whereas it was a
 little dark under syncfb. But the sound still didn't work and I have a
 feeling that its just a problem with the handling of MPEG2-PS files
 by mplayer in general.  

 There were a couple of warnings with the compile of the mga_vid.o
 module, so I'm going to try see if I can fix those, but the mga_vid_test
 program worked fine.

 As another piece of information, I was able to play the matrix.avi
 file fine using mplayer with both the -xv and -x11 output modes.

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