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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Aug 10 21:47:04 CEST 2001


> Does someone know - what is standard solution to overclock 3D video processor under Linux?
> When I ran OS/2 - I used trial version of SDD (aka SciTech Display Doctor) and it showed me
> that my video works on 3MHz instead of 150 MHz (documented clock and 183MHz - possible clock).
> There was facility to speedup it but, driver didn't offer acccelerated support for my chip - so I couldn't
> to estimate this feature.
> I guess it can be a cause of my slow 3D performance and as effect - unusable -vo gl under mplayer.

for matrox cards there is great tool called gmgaclock.
it offers win98 driver's settings (they overclock card by default), and much
more. dunno about ati cards...

aboyt -vo gl:
it is known to be very slow and unusabel with X 4.x.x.
DRI doesn't have fast glTexSubImage() implementation, it makes many
software conversion, and for soem cards it's even not hardware accelerated
(uses software rendering of such textures) :(

-vo gl worked quite well with Utal-GLX driver (X 3.3.6), but I've never seen
it working fast with DRI. Btw it's much slower than Xv (or mga_vid) with
Utal-GLX too, so it's useless if you have Xv support.
(I made it for RGB-only codecs (divx codec was RGB-only for long time, until
i debugged how to get YUY2 from it) , where Xv is unusable.)

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