[Mplayer-users] Clicking/pausing/generally bad sound

Emma Tonkin etonkin at tirin.openworld.co.uk
Wed Apr 25 03:02:33 CEST 2001

Oh, and if I use gl, that second percentage becomes 70% or so. With x11
it's about 29,30% as with fbdev... but the first percentage is immense
with x11, like 100% or something... whereas it's small (30%) with gl.

vo_dga segmentation faults... sdl puts the second percentage around 26%.
Apparently my video_out device is incompatible with svga.

Now I think I'll stop fiddling because if I listen to any more wi b b l y
a u d i o I a m g o i n g t o g e t a m i g r a i n e ;-)

Trust me to get the weird bugs... sorry! :-(


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