[Mplayer-users] Clicking/pausing/generally bad sound

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Apr 25 13:59:48 CEST 2001

On Mittwoch, 25. April 2001 03:02 you wrote:
> Oh, and if I use gl, that second percentage becomes 70% or so. With x11
> it's about 29,30% as with fbdev... but the first percentage is immense
> with x11, like 100% or something... whereas it's small (30%) with gl.

No wonder sound skips, the resolution of the DivX is immense, no proper divx 
are made at full DVD resolution cause they simply eat too much decoding 
power, even 640x480 would be too slow, that's one reason black bars above and 
below the movie are cutted so you get 640x272 or whatever (besides it 
improves image quality). As you can see you system is loaded at about 95% so 
I don't wonder sound skips. Usual divx on my PC (PIII 930) play at about 
10-20% load for decoding, and about 30-60% with PostProcessing (-pp) set to 
4. Sound needs additional 1.5-3% depending on quality and format and 2% are 
spend for libvo driver when using yuv acceleration and about 6% for rgb/bgr 
modes (sdl driver and xv/x11). Btw. I would suggest using at least 24bpp for 
best image quality or best thing is to use a video out that handles yuv 
format, if you don't have xv acceleration try sdl out, it displays yuv to 
x11, xv or dga (aalib in upcoming release), you have to export 
SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dga to use dga, if you got support for that on your system.
(in sdl driver yuv is about twice as fast as rgb/bgr tested with unreleased 
sdl out with rgb support (yea, in release, too).
Btw. you can benchmark mplayer performance with perl -e 'system "mplayer -fps 
10000 -nosound some.avi" and printf "bench took %i sec\n", time - $^T'

> vo_dga segmentation faults... sdl puts the second percentage around 26%.
> Apparently my video_out device is incompatible with svga.
> Now I think I'll stop fiddling because if I listen to any more wi b b l y
> a u d i o I a m g o i n g t o g e t a m i g r a i n e ;-)
> Trust me to get the weird bugs... sorry! :-(
> em
Best Regards,

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