[Mplayer-users] MPlayer and SDL

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Sun Apr 8 19:59:44 CEST 2001


I have a latest snapshot of mplayer (at 08 apr 2001).
My video hardware is not very power: PCI S3VirgeDX (2MB VRAM)
but CPU is Duron-750.
After multiple experiments I have found that
best solution for my computer is playing of DivX;)
files through SDL driver (-vo sdl), (I have SDL v1.2.0).
When I use -vo xv or -vo x11 frames are losing but for
-vo sdl - never and my videocard has same speed as 
AGP ATI Rage IIC with -vo x11 (I had tested it on my computer too).
In addition: -vo x11 has no scaling opposite to sdl. I.e. x11 without
scaling (in window) is slower of sdl with scaling (full screen)

But README contains:

Supported video output devices:

- sdl:	SDL >= v1.1.7 driver (slower than 'x11', but supports software scaling)
	(NOT supported by us! Don't submit SDL bugreports!)

If you want you may change this at least for S3Virge!

But mlpayer with SDL's output driver has one flaw:
it don't stop playing by ESC, but changing your state
between FULLSCREEN and WINDOWED modes. May be it possible to fix?
(Or it problem of SDL?)

Best regards! Nick

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