[Mplayer-users] MPlayer and SDL

mgraffam at idsi.net mgraffam at idsi.net
Sun Apr 8 18:32:10 CEST 2001

On Sun, 8 Apr 2001, Nick Kurshev wrote:

> Hello!
> I have a latest snapshot of mplayer (at 08 apr 2001).
> My video hardware is not very power: PCI S3VirgeDX (2MB VRAM)
> but CPU is Duron-750.
> After multiple experiments I have found that
> best solution for my computer is playing of DivX;)
> files through SDL driver (-vo sdl), (I have SDL v1.2.0).
> When I use -vo xv or -vo x11 frames are losing but for
> -vo sdl - never and my videocard has same speed as 
> AGP ATI Rage IIC with -vo x11 (I had tested it on my computer too).
> In addition: -vo x11 has no scaling opposite to sdl. I.e. x11 without
> scaling (in window) is slower of sdl with scaling (full screen)

You need to check your set up then. You shouldn't be dropping frames
with -vo xv.

I have a K6-2/500 with an ATI Rage 128 AGP card, and an S3 Virge DX PCI
card (I run a dual-head setup). 

I get full framerates on both cards with xv. 

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