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Paul TT paultt at hackerjournal.it
Thu Jun 21 12:43:11 CEST 2007

On Mon, 18 Jun 2007 23:02:55 +0200
Nico Sabbi <nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it> wrote:

> > +<filename class="directory">/usr/include/X11</filename> (questo
> > può essere un +problema nei sistemi Mandrake).
> ???? I've been using Mandrake for many more years than tolerable, 
> without ever experiencing any problem related to the location of X11 
> headers

i think you could be right
it should be corrected in the english version, anyway...

> > +<para>
> > +L'errore di link che subisci molto probabilmente è tipo questo:
> di questo tipo; I also don't agree with the choice of the word 
> "subisci": sperimenti and incontri look much better to me

reworded, see if fits :)

> > +Scarica una
> > +<ulink
> > url="http://rapidshare.de/files/20281171/CompatFrameworks.tgz.html">copia
> > più vecchia dei framework</ulink>.
> argh, we always bash rapidshare and at the same time we link it in
> our docs

eheh, the same as above :)
i'll point these out in a standalone mail, i think this one it's
bypassed by english doc-ers
(i saw other things around to be changed a little)

> > Sotto X11, <option>-vo x11</option> fara ciò, 
> sarà (sufficiente|appropriato)
> > +  <listitem><para>totale della sincronizzazione A/V
> > eseguita</para></listitem>
> this item doesn't look comprehensible
see if now fits better

> > +Non riesco ad aprire il menu della GUI. Premo il tasto destro, ma
> > non accedo +ad alcuna voce del menu!
> menù
menu doesn't want the ù, in italian, it's right this way :)

> > +Hai un file randagio <filename>codecs.conf</filename> in
> files are not cats or dogs :)
> "un file con nome" looks much better to me
to me too, to be serious. in english, anyway, it's used 'stray', which
among other meanings, has the one of 'randagio', which seems to me
enough comprehensible and ironic at the sam moment... what do you

>  > +Sto cercando di riprodurre un file qualsiasi da internet ma non
>  > ce 
>   la fa.
> qualsiasi?
eheheno, 'qualche'. changed. or maybe it's better, 'un qualunque'
again, what do you think?

> > +Probabilmente la tua scheda riporta come supportati 
> ...that word :-(
do you mean "supportati"?
> > +alcuni spazi colore mentre
> spazi di colore
don't know... i mean: i xlated everywhere colorspace as "spazi colore",
do you think it's wrong?

> > +Il tuo driver di uscita video non supporta il ridimensionamento
> > via hardware e
> non permette, but slightly rephrased

i put 'gestisce'

> I admire your patience!

oh, no, i admire yours! :))))

thank you very much for the hints, i'm translating some parts pretty
speedy, and some error slips in :)

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