[MPlayer-translations] Swedish translation of help_mp.h

Guillaume Poirier gpoirier at mplayerhq.hu
Thu Jun 29 10:14:39 CEST 2006


Rickard Närström wrote:
> The Swedish help_mp.h is long outdated and need updates. I'll like to help 
> translate those messages. (there is no translator at the moment according to 
> According to MAINTAINERS should Carl Füstenberg maintain the man page, dose 
> this also cover help_mp-sv.h?

No, it doesn't.

> I'll do this in a few steps:
> 1) change charset: ISO8859-1 -> UTF-8
> 	I'll not work with an iso-latin1 file, this will only caus problems for me 
> like missing characters, problems saving files with my texteditors etc. If 
> some people still uses iso-latin1 they can use iconv to convert the file.

Fine with me. There are already other translation files (such as
Turkish) in UTF-8, and it seems to work fine.

> 2) Fix code cosmetics
> 	- move messages around to match help_mp-en.h
> 	- remove unneeded indentations etc.
> 	- add/remove empty lines to match help_mp-en.h


> 3) Fix translation errors.
> 	There are quite a lot of translation errors, some preposition errors, 
> verbform errors, untranslated words etc.


> 4) Add missing messages.


> When done translating help_mp-sv.h Iand still have time over I'll try to 
> translate the man page as well.
> I have atached a patch to convert help_mp-sv.h to UTF-8

Ok, I'm gonna commit it in a few minutes. I don't know anything about
Swedish, but judging from how outdated the current file is, I believe
it can't do any harm...


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