[MPlayer-translations] Swedish translation of help_mp.h

Rickard Närström rickard.narstrom at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 19:57:46 CEST 2006

The Swedish help_mp.h is long outdated and need updates. I'll like to help 
translate those messages. (there is no translator at the moment according to 

According to MAINTAINERS should Carl Füstenberg maintain the man page, dose 
this also cover help_mp-sv.h?

I'll do this in a few steps:
1) change charset: ISO8859-1 -> UTF-8
	I'll not work with an iso-latin1 file, this will only caus problems for me 
like missing characters, problems saving files with my texteditors etc. If 
some people still uses iso-latin1 they can use iconv to convert the file.
2) Fix code cosmetics
	- move messages around to match help_mp-en.h
	- remove unneeded indentations etc.
	- add/remove empty lines to match help_mp-en.h
3) Fix translation errors.
	There are quite a lot of translation errors, some preposition errors, 
verbform errors, untranslated words etc.
4) Add missing messages.

When done translating help_mp-sv.h Iand still have time over I'll try to 
translate the man page as well.

I have atached a patch to convert help_mp-sv.h to UTF-8
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