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Mon Jun 13 14:49:00 CEST 2005


On 6/13/05, Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun.de> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 13, 2005 at 01:49:38PM +0200, Guillaume Poirier CVS wrote:
> >
> > +<<<<<<< mplayer.1
> > +Lorsque vous utilisez ce filtre, vous devez d?finir \-ofps
> > +? 4/\:5 du d?bit de trame du fichier d'entr?e et ajouter
> > +softskip apr?s dans la cha?ne de filtrage pour ?tre s?r
> > +que divtc voit bien toutes les trames.
> > +Deux modes sont possibles\ :
> > +Le mode une passe, qui est celui par d?faut et dont
> > +l'usage est ?vident, mais a le d?savantage que tout
> > +changement dans la phase t?l?cin?e (trame manquante
> > +ou mauvais g?n?rique de fin) cause des erreurs
> > +temporaires d'affichage jusqu'? ce que le filtre se
> > +re-synchronise.
> > +Le mode deux passes permet d'?viter ?a en analysant
> > +tout d'abord toute la vid?o pour conna?tre les
> > +changements de phase et ainsi toujours conserver la
> > +synchronisation.
> > +Ces passes ne correspondent
> > +.B pas
> > +aux deux passes du processus d'encodage.
> > ++You must run an extra pass using divtc pass one before the
> > ++actual encoding throwing the resulting video away.
> > ++Use \-nosound \-ovc raw \-o /dev/null to avoid
> > ++wasting CPU power for this pass.
> > ++You may add something like crop=2:2:0:0 after divtc
> > ++to speed things up even more.
> > ++Then use divtc pass two for the actual encoding.
> > ++If you use multiple encoder passes, use divtc
> > ++pass two for all of them.
> > +=======
> 1000l !!!

You're way to easy on me. That's at least 10! litters.

I think I even deserve to be poked with pillows, or forced to watch
Brittney's Spears show.

> You had a conflict in this file that you did not resolve.  How you managed
> to commit this is a mystery to me, normally CVS does not let you..

I was a bit in a rush when I did this, so I did not run the mandatory
"cvs diff -u" before committing, and I did not even check the syncmail
message after committing.

Worse than that, I won't be able to fix this before tonight, so unless
a little angel reverts my commit (with the Evil cvs admin or
whatever), it'll stay like this until then.
The attached patch is what I should have committed instead of the mess I made.

I should have invented the tape recorder,
that way people would have more quotes of
me to put at the bottom of their e-mails
-- Benjamin Franklin
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