[MPlayer-G2-dev] Re: VP layer progress [update!]

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Tue Dec 23 12:35:12 CET 2003

    Hi, D Richard Felker III!

Sometime (on Tuesday, December 23 at 12:09) I've received something...
>I've made a lot more progress on the vp layer. There are still some
>key things left to be done, but I'm posting my TODO list here and
>reminding you of the source-browse url:

>    http://brightrain.aerifal.cx/~dalias/vp-in-progress/

>If anyone has objections to it (even silly stuff like bad names for
>the functions or struct members) please post and we can discuss.

    Are you sure vp_node_t must have vp_link_t** pointers? As I may see
some filter may want it as NULL-terminated list, some as counted list
(but there is no counter in the structure so filter will have it in
vp_priv_s), some may want to sort list in own order so have some own
structure for that. So I think you have to remove these xin and xout
pointers from vp_node_t structure since it may be just a waste. If any
filter may have more than one input or output link then that filter may
always have these pointers in vp_priv_s structure. :)

    With best wishes.

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