[MPlayer-G2-dev] VP layer progress [update!]

D Richard Felker III dalias at aerifal.cx
Tue Dec 23 01:25:42 CET 2003

[resent because mphq lost it]

I've made a lot more progress on the vp layer. There are still some
key things left to be done, but I'm posting my TODO list here and
reminding you of the source-browse url:


If anyone has objections to it (even silly stuff like bad names for
the functions or struct members) please post and we can discuss.

Please keep in mind that the side you should be critiquing now is the
internal/filter-implementation/codec-implementation side, not the
external api for apps to setup rendering chains, which doesn't exist
yet. (In fact that probably won't exist for quite a while! First I'll
just make a simple -vf list parser to build a chain...)

TODO follows.


TODO as of 2003-12-22

vo2 layer
* buffer pool system to avoid dumb alloc/free
* get rid of crud in query_format
* improve config/query system so we can negotiate mode
* report which buffers are potentially-visible

vo2-vp wrapper
* remove and make vo drivers vp-native (?????)
* handle out-of-buffers deadlock!!!
* wait to blit auto/export images if buffer is visible (??)

vp layer
* design config negotiation system
* implement stride restrictions
* implement working query functions
* provide api for building and examining the pipeline/links
* work out safely closing nodes (!!)
* find a way to keep track of buffer age (lavc performance!!)
* support for palette-based images
* support for metadata planes (skip, qp, mv, etc...)
* do we need restrictions on slices?
* vp_reget_image????

* convert to use rate_d/rate_m based pts rather than 1/rate_d
* clean up nonsense pts flags
* pts==0 is used to indicate "not available", this is broken. change!
* always seek to a point with known exact pts!
* remove resync_audio_stream
* instead have seek be driven from vp/ap layer

demuxer-codec interface
* figure out how to get lavc to decode from arpi's mpeg packets :)
* specify requirements so that usable pts is _always_ available
* figure out if codec wrapper is needed/useful or not

* adapt the whole codecs.conf/selection system to work with vp... :(

* use new vp api :)

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