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Fri Dec 29 23:38:51 CET 2006

Guillaume Poirier wrote:

> Hi,
> Le 5 déc. 06 à 13:26, The Wanderer a écrit :
>> Guillaume POIRIER wrote:

>> While I'm here: the "also" in the first line of the first paragraph
>> of that immediately following list seems out of place. At first
>> glance it would seem to mean "Like some of the compression
>> techniques we have already mentioned, MPEG-type compression is
>> higly dependent on" et cetera - but we haven't mentioned any.
>> Alternately, it could mean "In addition to being highly dependent
>> on the things which we have already mentioned, MPEG-type
>> compression is highly dependent on" et cetera  - but the phrasing
>> would still seem a little jarring given the intervening presence of
>> the paragraph you just changed, and in any case the word "depend"
>> as such does not appear anywhere earlier in the file.
> Mmmm. I don't think your suggestion is appropriate here. The sentence
> refers to the different problems with MPEG-type compression, such as
> sharp edges, dimensions that must be multiples of 16, and so forth.
> I think your suggestion would only bring more confusement. But maybe
> it's just that I didn't get what you meant.

To be clear, I was definitely not suggesting either rephrasing as
something to actually go into the docs; the rephrasings were intended
purely to explicitly indicate the possible interpretations of the
current text. All I was suggesting was removing the word "also".

If you interpret the not-quite-immediately preceding paragraph, about
multiple-of-16 dimensions, as being the first thing in a list of reasons
why MPEG-type compression requires multiple-of-16 dimensions, then the
use of the word kind of makes sense - but not I think in that phrasing.
Having looked at the entire section up to this point carefully, I can
kind of see a way to interpret the current phrasing as being
appropriate, but I do think it has the potential to be confusing... and
I see no loss of meaning, and less possibility of confusion, from
dropping the "also".

       The Wanderer

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