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Guillaume Poirier gpoirier at mplayerhq.hu
Fri Dec 29 14:38:01 CET 2006


Le 5 déc. 06 à 13:26, The Wanderer a écrit :

> Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 12/5/06, gpoirier <subversion at mplayerhq.hu> wrote:
>>>  <para>
>>>    Most DVDs also have some degree of black borders at the edges.  
>>> Leaving
>>> -  these in place can hurt quality in several ways.
>>> +  these in place will hurt quality <emphasis role="bold">a lot</ 
>>> emphasis>
>>> +  in several ways.
>>>  </para>
>> Mmm... While re-reading this sentence, I feel like it could be
>> further improved:
>> Wanderer, wouldn't be better to say:
>> Leaving these in place will hurt quality <emphasis role="bold">a
>> lot</emphasis>, for the following reasons:
>> ?
> In some ways that would be an improvement, but the phrasing of the
> following paragraphs does not seem consistent with what I'd expect  
> from
> the kind of "list of reasons" you refer to. It might be possible to
> rephrase them to suit, and the end result would probably be better,  
> but
> I'm not sure it's worth the effort involved - particularly since I  
> don't
> have the time at present to contribute much. (Having an actual
> 8ish-to-4ish job is good in a lot of ways, but it does cut down on
> either one's free time or one's sleep time.)

Ok, so I'll leave it as it is.

> While I'm here: the "also" in the first line of the first paragraph of
> that immediately following list seems out of place. At first glance it
> would seem to mean "Like some of the compression techniques we have
> already mentioned, MPEG-type compression is higly dependent on" et
> cetera - but we haven't mentioned any. Alternately, it could mean "In
> addition to being highly dependent on the things which we have already
> mentioned, MPEG-type compression is highly dependent on" et cetera  
> - but
> the phrasing would still seem a little jarring given the intervening
> presence of the paragraph you just changed, and in any case the word
> "depend" as such does not appear anywhere earlier in the file.

Mmmm. I don't think your suggestion is appropriate here. The sentence  
refers to the different problems with MPEG-type compression, such as  
sharp edges, dimensions that must be multiples of 16, and so forth.
I think your suggestion would only bring more confusement. But maybe  
it's just that I didn't get what you meant.


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