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Sun Dec 17 20:59:59 CET 2006


On 12/17/06, mail at kraymer.de <mail at kraymer.de> wrote:
> >> Btw, is it necessary to change the parameter names? I translated
> >> luma:chroma:time so I'm a bit unsure if I should either ignore the
> >> change or use the English descriptions.. (Probably I'll ignore them
> >> and only add the new parameter since I translated these in many other
> >> parts of man page and want to keep things consistent)
> >
> > I think they really had to be changed, though maybe the names I came up
> > with weren't the best you can imagine.
> >
> > - 4th parameter had to be named in a sensible way, and I couldn't just
> > name it "time", right?
> > - previous names weren't that good because it didn't make sense to
> > summarize spacial chroma as "chroma", why wouldn't temporal chroma be
> > summarized as "chroma"?
> Hm, actually I didn't take too much attention at the descriptions so I
> didn't notice the "conflict". Actually just adding the 4th parameter makes
> it necessary now.. So it's probably good to change them. But why do you
> abbreviate "spatial" with "spc" and not "spt" or "spl", just wondering..
> > Off course, if you have a better naming scheme, I'm all ears.
> I'd say fix the option line, eventually change the parameter names for
> "spatial", that should do it. :)


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