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Sun Dec 17 20:26:10 CET 2006

>> Btw, is it necessary to change the parameter names? I translated
>> luma:chroma:time so I'm a bit unsure if I should either ignore the
>> change or use the English descriptions.. (Probably I'll ignore them
>> and only add the new parameter since I translated these in many other
>> parts of man page and want to keep things consistent)
> I think they really had to be changed, though maybe the names I came up
> with weren't the best you can imagine.
> - 4th parameter had to be named in a sensible way, and I couldn't just
> name it "time", right?
> - previous names weren't that good because it didn't make sense to
> summarize spacial chroma as "chroma", why wouldn't temporal chroma be
> summarized as "chroma"?

Hm, actually I didn't take too much attention at the descriptions so I
didn't notice the "conflict". Actually just adding the 4th parameter makes
it necessary now.. So it's probably good to change them. But why do you
abbreviate "spatial" with "spc" and not "spt" or "spl", just wondering..
> Off course, if you have a better naming scheme, I'm all ears.

I'd say fix the option line, eventually change the parameter names for
"spatial", that should do it. :)


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