[MPlayer-DOCS] Hello, i want to update and maintain MPlayer zh_CN DOCS

陆然 hephooey at fastmail.fm
Tue Oct 11 12:08:56 CEST 2005


On Tuesday 11 October 2005 16:30, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> ok, so i could just start to translate and post the result here?

I'm glad that finally there is someone want to maintain it, I have little time 
recently to catch up the translation.

> and two questions:
> 1. i find the old manpage is in the legacy GBK  format, should i
> convert it to UTF-8?

yes, please. I think it's much better than GBK. And I have some partially 
translated outdated xml files, If you want them, contact me.

and take care about the space, Chinese characters should not have spaces 
between them, but the html docs will add a space automatically when there is 
a linebreak in the file. I workaround this by always start a new santence 
with a new line. though I don't know how to handle this with the xml 
generated html file.

> 2. in fact, there's two kind of chinese, simplified (zh_CN) and
> traditional (zh_TW), i think it's better to have divided manpages.

That will be great, just take care of the different translation of those 
terminology between zh_CN and zh_TW. BTW, The line break in the manpage is 
extremely nasty, always drive me crazy ;), people suggested to add a space 
between every word, so that the page will not be horribly broken.

Best Regards,

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